About the author

Joanna Lampka – born in Lublin, Poland in 1982. Writer, blogger, translator (PL-EN, EN-PL).

Since 2013, Joanna Lampka has been running the popular blog „Szwajcarskie Blabliblu” (www.blabliblu.pl) about political, social and cultural life of Switzerland. The blog (in Polish) reaches around 20-30 thousand people each month.

Joanna Lampka is the author of the book „Do you know why you don’t know who the president of Switzerland is” published by PAFERE in 2017. The book is written in two languages – Polish and English. It explains the phenomenon of Switzerland, educates and promotes the system of direct democracy and self-government.

In 2019, she wrote a guidebook for the Polish market about Switzerland and Liechtenstein: “Szwajcaria i Liechtenstein. Inspirator Podróżniczy” published by Wydawnictwo Pascal.

Joanna Lampka has cooperated with many portals and magazines regarding Switzerland including wp.pl or Świat Kobiety (Bauer Group). She is also novelist – her first novel will be published this year (2019).

She lives near Morges in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. She does often sports (jogging, yoga, sailing, badminton), listens to music and travels.